About Us


Australiana the Label aims to adopt a more quality-centric philosophy. As fast fashion has impacted our planet and ourselves; our founder Jessica McNab, believes it's time for designers make changes by thinking about how their designs are made in order create less waste while still offering consumers high end products with lasting value - like 100% Linen & Pima Cotton which can be sensitive skin friendly thanks largely due its lack luster thread count per square inch coverage when compared against other fabrics such as polyester or acrylics. Jess designs will stay on store shelves alongside new trends created solely from these finest materials so you don't ever have an issue finding what your heart desires.

Our Peruvian handwoven rugs and cushions, together with our beautiful handmade earrings -- not only support Andean communities but also preserve the tradition that has been passed down through generations. We hope you enjoy navigating through all of these items in store!

 Australiana The Label Team x



Creative Director & Fashion Designer Jessica McNab was born in Peru but has called Australia home for more than 18 years. Jess has always maintained strong cultural identities for both countries - her heart is half Peruvian and half Australian. Her biggest supporters and motivators being her parents call Jess Nuestra Australiana, translation in Spanish “our Australian” which has been the inspiration for this exciting business venture. - Australiana The Label.


Jess is an entrepreneur who has a passion for fashion design. Her Australiana the Label designs are noticed by local and international magazines, including British Vogue & Elle UK! Jess attaches importance to making statements with her work- she pays attention detail as well as premium fabrics in order make quality over quantity while also being environmentally conscious about how they create their products.

Jess is an entrepreneur who not only designs her own clothing line, but also imports beautiful Peruvian rugs and cushions made of 100% wool. These items are dyed with natural sources to preserve their traditional techniques which has been passed down through generations... Jess is extremely passionate about supporting the beautiful and humble artisan from her native country to preserve their pieces of art.