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Our Peruvian Rugs or Frazadas (literally meaning “Blanket” in the Spanish language) are created by the beautifully natured Aymara women of the Andean region. They have been carefully crafted since pre-Hispanic times, previously worn to protect against the high altitude and freezing cold weather systems, the thick, warm and sturdy craftmanship ensures wearers were able to withstand the cold highland temperatures. These beautiful Rugs, are incredible, delicate, precisely handwoven pieces of 100% naturally sourced art. Created using the finest sheep and/or alpaca wool and only ever altered with natural dyes to enhance their authenticity and beauty.

The process for each exquisite piece begins with collection of sheered sheep or alpaca wool that is then dyed with naturally made dyes sourced from plants, fruits, insects or roots. After the fibres have been through the dying process, they are spun before being carefully and precisely woven on a backs-tap loom. The weaving process begins at twice the length of the complete Frazada, eventually cut in half and sewn together through the middle with a strong and sturdy whipstitch, each handcrafted piece takes approximately 4-6 weeks to complete (you cannot rush quality art).