About Us


Behind the name

Founder Jess was born in Peru but has called Australia home for more than 17 years. Jess has always maintained strong cultural identities for both countries - her heart is half Peruvian and half Australian. Her biggest supporters and motivators being her parents call Jess Nuestra Australiana, translation in Spanish “our Australian” which has been the inspiration for this exciting business venture. - Australiana The Label.

Jess has always been captivated by Peru’s rich cultural heritage and textile techniques, she found inspiration in her native country to bring amazing, unique blends of fabrics from the region and combine it with the modern fashion of the Australian lifestyle. Australiana The Labels vision is to offer innovated, sustainable , highly desirable, fashion forward handmade items of clothing created using Peruvian Pima Cotton – a high end type of cotton not produced in Australia boasting longer fibre than conventional cotton. This unique blend allows for breathable, durable and incredibly soft to the touch garments that are both fashion forward and extremely comfortable.

Australiana The Label prides itself on being committed to the well-being of our environment and creating clothing using Organic Pima Cotton (GOTS Certified) which allows us to bring you fabulous fashion whilst also helping to save our planet. We are also working alongside Peruvian communities in Cuzco to be able to bring the most beautiful sustainable and unique handwoven Rugs. 

We are your one stop shop, not only do we offer good quality Pima cotton clothing, handmade accessories and handwoven rugs. We also offer 100% Linen clothing. Linen is a textile made from the fibres of the flax plant, which is laborious to manufacture, but the fibre is very strong, absorbent, and dries faster than cotton. 

Australiana The Label is very committed to provide slow, sustainable & ethical fashion, a reason why our linen garments have been designed with attention to details & beautiful embroideries all made on our beautiful Gold Coast. As an Australian business; we pride ourselves to be committed to do our part to contribute to our economy by providing ethical and sustainable jobs in our local community.