Behind the Name


Creative Director & Designer Jessica McNab was born in Peru but has called Australia home for more than 18 years. Jess has always maintained strong cultural identities for both countries - her heart is half Peruvian and half Australian. Her biggest supporters and motivators being her parents call Jess Nuestra Australiana, translation in Spanish “our Australian” which has been the inspiration for this exciting business venture. - Australiana The Label.


Jessica has always been captivated by Peru’s rich cultural heritage and textile techniques, she found inspiration in her native country to bring amazing, unique blends of fabrics from the region and combine it with the modern fashion of the Australian lifestyle. Jessica is currently undertaking her High National Diploma in Fashion Design and with only a year in the business, Australiana the Label's concept and designs have been noticed by local and international magazines including British Vogue UK.

Jessica's brand new Piel Canela Collection 2021 has inaugurated a brand new space in store "Australiana Home" where we can find the popular handwoven Peruvian Rugs and a space that will complement with more new home accessories. Piel Canela collection also promises to introduce the Baby Alpaca range through out the year. 

One certain thing is, Jessica has a constant increase of people interested in following her journey as a Fashion Designer and her passion for sustainable fashion.