Pima Cotton

Our pieces have been created using the finest collection of delicate, soft and breathable Pima Cotton Fabric. Our Pima Cotton fabric is the most luxurious strands of cotton available in the world, derived from the ‘Gossypium Barbadense’ plant. This high end quality, luxurious feeling cotton is made possible due to the extra-long staple fibres that allow for a more refined, silkier cloth to be produced as an end result.

Luxury like this cannot be found just anywhere, to grow exceptional cotton to such a standard as our Pima Cotton only the perfect growing conditions will suffice. Peruvian pima cotton is lusciously grown along the northern coastal valleys of Peru, where the rich soil soaks up the ideal amount of moisture at almost perfect equatorial temperatures, resulting in a cotton that is silky, luscious incredibly soft at hand and far exceeds the quality of regular cotton.

Peruvian pima cottons quality is further enhanced by its hand harvest, a method not used for regular commercial cotton. This method allows for the ethical sourcing of the cotton whilst promoting the conditions of its natural environment. Industrial harvesting reduces cotton quality through its tearing process which strips the cotton fibres resulting in a yellowed hue and scratchy texture, damaging the final garments smoothness. Pima cotton is ideal for those with sensitive skin as it grows free from any pesticides or synthetic fertilisers, the collection process also allows for keeping of the naturally occurring white colouring, this also creates an ideal environment for colouring as the dyes are able to be absorbed with great accuracy resulting in perfect colour transference.

Australiana The Label is proud to offer GOTS certified Organic Pima Cotton. This process sees the cotton being grown under the same environmental protection standards that apply across food grade organic plants. Both soil and water are able to be preserved as organic environmental standards ensure the banning of genetically modified seeds and synthetic pesticides or fertilizers and opt for biologically produced fertilizers and pest controls.

At Australiana The Label we pride ourselves on being able to offer ethically sourced materials to ensure there is no presence of harsh chemicals that are not only detrimental to the cotton fibre but also the ongoing health of the hand-pickers and garment wearers, utilising Organic cotton not only benefits the wearer but also the local economy as it ensures farmers received a fair price for their production – this process is known as the Organic Premium.

You will not only look great in our garments but you’ll also feel great too, knowing the items you buy and wear are helping others and our environment simultaneously.